The Power of Human Connection

With society navigating its way through the personal and professional challenges created by the current pandemic, the deprivation of human connection is a clear and damaging side-effect.

In this digital world, companies understand the requirement to maintain an emotional and human connection with their customers to improve outcomes and create strong loyalty.

At Fleet Network, the alignment with this narrative is lived via our purpose to provide a highly personalised service, in the fastest response time imaginable.

With apparent advantages, Novated Leasing has become a staple for State and Local Government employees. However, the adoption from Private Enterprises to un-lock the benefits for their employees and strengthen staff retention has been very significant.

Recently, a long-standing customer sent flowers to one of our Delivery Coordinators to thank her for going above and beyond. When this happens, not only does it boost our team morale but it confirms the value placed on positive human connection and care.

As a service business, our reputation is built from our customers’ experiences and our success is measured by the number of repeat customers and referrals we see.

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