NT Expense Cards

Discover how much you can save on everyday expenses

Are you employed by Northern Territory Government in the Health Department? Did you know that you can salary package more than just your car?

That’s right. Fleet Network also offers packaging of various living expenses, and meal and entertainment expenses for NT Health Employees.

How? By paying for these items directly from your gross salary, tax is only calculated on the remaining amount. This means you pay less income tax. Less income tax equates to more salary in your take home pay and more money in your pocket.

The smarter way to salary package

Salary packaging is a smart, simple and convenient way to budget for regular expenses. From your household bills and everyday items such as groceries and petrol and even meals and entertainment, the Beyond Bank Expense Card has got you covered.

It’s easy to get started too.

As long as you’re a Northern Territory Government Health Employee, you can find out more, apply and start benefiting from everyday savings.

How it works

We have made the application and set-up process easy. Simply follow the steps to choose, apply, and activate your card, and you will be on your way to receiving tax-free benefits.

Choose Card

There is a choice of two cards: the salary packaging card, and the meal and entertainment card. Choose which card is best for you and your needs – you can always have both!

Decide Package

Everyone’s expenses are different. Each card has a different package depending on your needs and the amount you would like to claim within your salary range.

Application Form

Download the application form for your chosen card, fill out your details and email the completed form to our team with any relevant documentation. 


Our team will review your application and reach out if we need any further information. This will then be sent to the Beyond Bank team for review and submission.


We will need to confirm with your employer to set up the card payments to come out of your pre-tax income. 

Card Activated

Once approved, you will get your card mailed to your postal address. The card will include instructions on how to activate your card online.


Download the Beyond Bank app from your App Store and log in using your details for card activation. Manage daily reporting, like account balances, transaction history, changing personal details, and more.

Meal Entertainment Card

Love wining and dining? This is the card for you.

A Meal Entertainment Card makes dining out more affordable. How? Enjoy great tax savings and stretch your pay further – you can package up to $2,650 per Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year.

Dine out tax-free!

Eligible expenses include:

  • Meals consumed at a restaurant, cafe, tavern or hotel
  • Drinks consumed at a restaurant, cafe, tavern or hotel

You can also pay for your partner, friends, or family on your card.

Core criteria for this benefit are:

  • You can also pay for your partner, friends or family on your card.
  • The meal is the primary entertainment activity.

Living Expenses Card

Looking for a way to save on your everyday expenses? Look no further. This is the card you’ve been looking for.

The Living Expenses Card is the easy and tax effective way to pay for your everyday expenses. There’s a whole range of living expenses that can be paid for using your gross salary – saving you tax and putting more money in your pocket!

You can package up to $9,010 per FBT year with a Living Expenses Card. Items you can pay for using your card include:

Household Expenses

  • Groceries
  • Phone/Internet Bills
  • Electricity/Gas Bills
  • Council Rates


  • Home
  • Car
  • Life
  • Health

General Living Expenses

  • Haircuts
  • School Fees
  • Clothing, shoes
  • Petrol
  • Airline tickets for private travel (domestic and overseas)


A great experience all round!

Mitch was extremely quick to respond to my online query and qualified me within 15 mins of our first conversation. He listened to my list of requirements, preferences and budgetary needs and was crucial in my final choice of vehicle. Always professional and courteous in his demeanour.

Ruth Harvey
Department of Education NT

The process was made simple!

I received excellent professional service from Fleet Network in leasing my new car. The process was made simple and straightforward by the team. Tayla did a great job as delivery coordinator and always provided quick responses to my enquiries.

Michael Hughes
Department of Justice NT

I certainly didn’t feel like just another customer

The team at Fleet Network were very helpful and followed up on all requirements promptly. I certainly didn’t feel like just another customer, all staff in the process were extremely helpful.

Trevor Guy
Department of Industry, Tourism, & Trade NT