Transferring Your Lease
Transferring Your Lease

Transferring Your Lease

Starting a new job or planning on changing employer?

If you’ve entered a novated leasing arrangement with your current employer, you will be able to continue benefiting from the agreement even if you leave the company.

Novation agreements are fully transferable. This means that if you leave your current job, or your position is terminated, you will still be able to make payments towards a novated lease. The lease obligations can be transferred directly to you rather than your employer. In some cases, a new employer may take on the lease obligations.

4 hour response time!

Not happy with your current provider? Switching to Fleet Network is easy

If you already have a novated lease agreement with another provider but aren’t happy with the level of service you’re receiving, consider transferring your lease to Fleet Network.

We offer plenty of benefits when you lease with us, including:

  • A dedicated consultant to help you find your dream car within your budget and work with you throughout your lease
  • 4-hour response on quote requests
  • 24-hour turnaround for reimbursement claims
  • Flexible options throughout your lease
  • Local and timely support with consultants located across Australia
  • Exclusive discounts on your purchase price through our nationwide supplier network

How to transfer your lease

We make the lease transfer process quick and easy in just a few steps.

Step 1

You send a request to your employer to transfer your current lease to us.

Step 2

We work with you to gather all the necessary information: who your financier and employer are and what lease you currently have. We take it from there, generating a quote and a deed of novation for your employer.

Step 3

We reach out to your employer to start the transfer. We reach out to your employer to start the transfer. We supply them with all the necessary information such as payroll deduction info, frequency, and invoicing schedule.

Step 4

We send the financier the executed deed and simultaneously work with them and your employer to organise the most manageable structure for invoicing and deductions.

Step 5

We set everything up including your fuel card, and you’re ready to go!