How to become an Employer of Choice in healthcare

Attracting workers in one of the most personally rewarding, yet gruelling professions is challenging, especially when there is little wiggle room in your budget for employee recruitment and rewards.That’s why salary packaging is becoming so popular with healthcare organisations. Put simply, it’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to reward your employees and, importantly, increase employee retention.

It starts with a Novated Lease from Fleet Network.

A Novated Lease lets your employees get into the car of their dreams for a lot less by reducing their taxable income, saving them thousands of dollars a year. It’s like giving them a pay rise at no cost to you, and with it an increase in your employee retention.

The benefits don’t stop there.

With a Novated Lease, all the running costs for their new vehicle, including fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres and registration are budgeted for and included in their monthly lease payment, taking the stress out of budgeting.

They’ll also enjoy the benefits of our national buying power, getting them the car they want at the best possible price, and the flexibility of different options throughout their lease term. Whether they want to purchase, sell, or refinance at the end of the lease, the choice is theirs! 

Lots of benefits for your employees and you being recognised as an Employer of Choice. That’s a win-win for everyone.