Kicking goals with the BackChat podcast

In an exciting move for sports enthusiasts (and novated leasing aficionados), the team at Fleet Network are proud to be a major sponsors of the BackChat podcast for the entirety of the 2023 season.

For those not familiar with it, BackChat isn’t your typical sports podcast. Hosted by ex Eagles player Will Schofield and journalist Dan Const, it’s an unfiltered, unscripted, refreshing take on the world of sports and AFL in particular. With every episode, you’ll be treated to engaging athlete interviews, intriguing weekly segments, thrilling challenges and exciting giveaways.

Fleet Network, renowned for its exceptional novated leasing services, has always been filled with ardent sports fans. The team at Fleet Network is thrilled to partner with Will Schofield and Dan Const, supporting their unfiltered sports show that aligns so well with the passions of the company and its customers. As a major sponsor of the BackChat podcast, Fleet Network aims to contribute to the growth of the show and reach out to an audience of sports enthusiasts eager to learn about novated leasing and its benefits.
With a shared love for sports and a dedication to helping people save money, the partnership between Fleet Network and BackChat is a match made in heaven. As the podcast delves into the lives of athletes, exploring their journeys and experiences, the team at Fleet Network will enlighten listeners about the many benefits of novated leasing and how to save big bucks on their next vehicle and even bigger bucks on tax.

If you’re a big sports fan (and who isn’t!) and like a good belly laugh, you can catch the @?backchat podcast every Tuesday and Wednesday. Go back a few episodes and you’ll catch Fleet Network’s very own Garrick Ibbotson and Frank Agostino on the show, opening up with stories about their own days of glory kicking the Sherrin around the footy oval.