How to salary package a second-hand car with novated leasing

Are you keen to start a novated lease for your next car, but you’ve got your eye on a second-hand model? Novated leases aren’t just new cars but used cars, too.

Why consider a used car for your novated lease? With the cost of living on the rise in Australia, a second-hand vehicle presents an opportunity to save even more on your next vehicle by novated lease. Global supply chain delays have affected the availability of new vehicle imports and opting for a used car may increase your chances in finding your dream car faster.

Choosing a second-hand car is an affordable and sustainable alternative to these supply and inflation issues. You’re welcome to source the car yourself from a dealership or private seller or let us find one for you via our national dealership network.

Happy with your current car but looking to enjoy the benefits of novated leasing? You can lease your own car via a used car novated lease – just contact us to talk through your options.

In terms of novated leasing a new or second-hand model, there are very few differences between the two. The process for securing the lease is the same, but there are some requirements you need to consider for a used car lease.

Firstly, the age of the vehicle and the term of lease need to be considered. Your second-hand car needs to be less than 12 years old at the end of your lease term. For example, if you want to lease a car that is 8 years old at the time of leasing, the maximum lease term would then be 4 years.

Secondly, before signing up for a used car novated lease, it is recommended that the vehicle undergoes a mechanical inspection. We can book this in for you or you can arrange it yourself.

Beyond these factors, there are several other benefits to a used car novated lease, such as more leasing options and flexibility. Fleet Network can provide you with different options throughout your lease term. Whether you want to purchase, sell, or refinance at the end of the lease, the choice is yours. We also have salary packaging options available for second-hand cars. By salary packaging, you won’t need to pay GST on your car’s purchase price or running costs.

Last but not least, all running costs are covered. Fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres, and registration are all budgeted for and included in your lease payments, giving you peace of mind that no unexpected bills will come your way.

Securing a used car novated lease is simple.

  • Contact the Fleet Network team and let us know what you’re looking for.
  • We will help source your dream car through our Australia-wide dealership network.
  • One of our consultants will personally check the used vehicle on your behalf, to ensure everything is up to scratch.
  • We’ll then send the car off for an independent mechanical inspection. If the pre-owned car doesn’t meet the required standards, we’ll cover the cost for the inspection.

Find out how much more you could be saving with a Fleet Network used car novated lease. Contact Fleet Network on 1300 738 601, email, or complete our Get A Quote form online for a response within 4-business hours.