Employer Spotlight: Morgan Gee, SG Controls

In this competitive labour market, savvy employers are finding new ways to attract and retain talent. That’s what brought Morgan Gee, Procurement Manager at SG Controls, to bring on novated leasing as a company benefit for his staff. With unemployment rates the lowest they have been in Australia for more than 40 years, the last year has presented challenges for employers in attracting new staff and made retention evermore critical. 

“Recruiting and retention has been a priority due to how the labour market is,” says Morgan. “We needed to look at new strategies to not only find new employees but keep the talent we have.” 

SG Controls is a family-owned business, founded by Morgan’s father Stuart Gee, offering engineering and electrical services since 2008. Based in Perth, Western Australia, the company has teams in Adelaide, South Australia and Brisbane, Queensland.  

Midway through 2022, Fleet Network approached SG Controls to run them through the novated leasing service they offer and how it benefits both employers and employees. Morgan understood how novated leasing made for a great incentive for his staff, and his business more attractive to work for.  

“The biggest concern we had was the setup process with finance and the payroll system,” says Morgan. “The Fleet Network team took care of managing and implementation the set up with our head of finance, and it was really straight forward.” 

What stood out from the experience of setting up the novated leasing process with the Fleet Network team was the speed and efficiency. “The turnaround was quick. From the day Fleet Network first approached us to having the set-up set everything in stone, it only took about a month.” 

An unexpected additional benefit for Morgan’s employees was the ease in procuring their car of choice, which is no small feat in a time when the supply of automobiles can’t meet global demands. A number of SG Control’s employees are already on their leases with their cars delivered to them, sourced through Fleet Network’s extensive nationwide supplier network.  

Paul Turley, Mechanical Lead and Coordinator of Technical Services, is on his first lease with his 2022 Ford Everest. “As an employee benefit, novated leasing is convenient,” he says. “It got me in the car I needed with big savings and the setup was positive and stress-free.” 

Facing challenges in attracting and retaining staff? Fleet Network can help. Send us an enquiry to get started on setting up novated leasing for your employees