Client Spotlight: Dean Bromage, Government Employee

The road to Fleet Network for Dean Bromage started by asking questions. A government employee based in Western Australia, Dean was already salary packaging his car with another provider when he noticed in conversation with a friend that he was paying higher fees with his provider than his friend was with theirs. His friend’s provider? None other than Fleet Network.

After contacting then-consultant and now Managing Director Frank Agostino, Dean felt like he was among friends when he dealt with Fleet. “I had 3 leases with my previous provider and now I am onto my 6th lease since joining up with Fleet Network,” says Dean. “It was the cheaper and more efficient option, but more than that it’s the customer service that has kept me here.”

“It’s a more personal service with Fleet Network. They treat you like a mate, not a number.”

The focus on customer service is key for the team at Fleet Network, something Dean says is evident when interacting with any member of the staff. “Continuity is key, and you can sense this in the way the staff deal with their clients,” he says. “Frank still deals with me, even now that he is managing the business, and he and his staff always have time to help me out.”

Exemplary customer service aside, the novated leasing experience has been a significant added benefit to Dean’s day-to-day life, with tax and fuel savings accumulating in his bank account and repayments taking care of the stress of servicing, new tyres, and other ad hoc expenses that come with car ownership.  “Over the last 10 to 15 years, I have really noticed the saving on fuel and taxes,” says Dean. “I always have money left for other life expenses. It makes car ownership so much easier, and I think everyone should do it.”

Dean’s household currently drive a Honda Civic and a Mitsubishi Triton, both on leases with Fleet Network. Previous cars leased by Dean with Fleet include the Toyota Yaris, the Nissan Pathfinder, and the Kia Carnival. The Pathfinder came Fleet-recommended after Dean was considering another brand and model for a 4WD option and the team found him a better deal.

“I was looking at another car, told the team my needs, and they introduced cheaper models to me with more capabilities and luxury than the model I had in mind,” says Dean. “They sold me the same brand, saved me $20,000, and I got much more out of it.”

The lengths to which the Fleet Network team have gone to find Dean better models at more affordable pricing with each lease has always made an impression on him. “They never try to upsell me and have at times sold me cheaper models because it was in my best interest. I know my best interest are put above everything else with them, every time.”

When Dean moved to Cairns, Queensland for work from 2007 to 2012, Fleet Network’s national presence and round-the-clock service made for a smooth transition. “It felt like Frank was around the corner from me, and not on the other side of the country,” he says.

“I wouldn’t even contemplate going anywhere else but Fleet Network. It’s like chatting with your mate who has all the car knowledge and expertise, making sure you’re not getting ripped off and never demeaning in any way, shape, or form. You can’t ask for anything better.”