Compare your current car loan to a novated lease, using our new calculator!

You may have heard about novated leasing or know that your company offers it as an employee benefit.
If your vehicle is currently under finance, you may not think that novated leasing is relevant to you.

But did you know, if you have an existing vehicle on finance, we can transfer that vehicle and the loan to a novated lease?

This change allows you to reap all the rewards and take advantage of the benefits of novated leasing available, potentially saving you thousands of dollars! With a standard car loan arrangement, you don’t get all the significant tax benefits that novated leasing offers.

Compare your current car loan arrangement with a novated lease using our comparison calculator, or read on to find out more.

Reduce your taxable income.

The tax savings available with a novated lease maximises your take-home pay, putting more money in your pocket.

For those looking to improve their finances, moving your car loan into a novated lease will also organise your expenses. Your vehicles running costs (fuel, registration, insurance, finance costs and servicing) are combined into one regular lease repayment, which makes budgeting so much easier.

With a novated lease, you’ll be paying some or all of your vehicle costs from your pre-tax earnings. That means that the one convenient payment (which includes all your running costs) is made in-line with your salary.

Reduce your gross income and therefore also reduce the tax you pay!

Take our comparison calculator for a spin.

If you have a car loan, compare your current arrangement with a novated lease using our: comparison calculator. It only takes a few minutes and could save you thousands.

Say goodbye to regular car loans and hello to a novated car lease!

Ready to start saving?

We have been offering individualised and competitive novated lease options to Australian employees for over 25 years. If you would like to know more about transferring your current car finance to a novated lease, speak to one of our expert consultants. We’ll provide you with all the information you need alongside obligation-free options, tailored specifically for you.

Compare your loan one more time and make the call to Fleet Network on 1300 738 601 today.


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