Employee Benefits – Winning The War On Talent

Generally speaking, competition can spur the invention of new or better products. However, when the competition is for talent, companies need to pitch more than just their culture, role and career progression.

As we experienced with COVID-19, the support and care required by companies for their employees were at unprecedented levels. With normality returning and the reduction in overseas labour, the next challenge for organisations has quickly emerged – staff retention.

Fleet Network’s Managing Director, Frank Agostino, believes what holds the key to staff retention is employee benefits.

“The focus on acquiring talent is now matched with the effort of retaining it. Companies seek to implement both conventional and unconventional benefits to boost employee’s total remuneration” Frank says.

A conventional benefit offered by Fleet Network is Novated Leasing. The 3-way agreement between the employee, the employer and Fleet Network carries no cost to the employer, however, provides significant benefit to the employee.

“Whether it’s Novated Leasing, Corporate Gym sessions or flexible work arrangements, the support and care we show to our staff will likely be reciprocated – leading to improved outcomes both culturally and economically” Frank states.

To understand how Novated Leasing could positively impact your business and employees, please contact Mat Seal on 0438 249 685 or email: mats@fleetnetwork.com.au

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